The Offer is made exclusively in the Spanish market, the only market where the shares of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (“BME”) are listed. The Offer is addressed to all of BME’s shareholders regardless of their nationality or place of residence.

This request for authorisation and its content does not constitute the launching or extension of the Offer in any jurisdiction or territories different from the Spanish territory. Therefore, this request for authorisation and the Prospectus, which will be published after the approval by the CNMV of the Offer, shall not be published in any jurisdiction or territory where the publication would be prohibited or restricted by law or where publication would require the issuance or registry of any additional documentation, and the shareholders that receive this request for authorisation or the Prospectus shall not publish nor distribute them in said jurisdictions or territories.

In particular, the Offer will not be made, directly or indirectly, in the United States of America, whether by mail or any other interstate or foreign means or instrument nor by means of the securities exchanges of the United States of America, nor by any other means that would enable the Offer to be sent to, or distributed in, the United States of America. This request for authorisation is not an acquisition offer nor constitutes an offer to acquire, nor an invitation or offer to sell shares in the United States of America.